Why API is popular in Real World Application?

Posted on September 9, 2019 by Webqueue Solutions

What is API

API stands for “Application Programming Interface.”. According to Wikipedia An application programming interface (API) is an interface or communication protocol between a client and a server intended to simplify the building of client-side software. It has been described as a “contract” between the client and the server, such that if the client makes a request in a specific format, it will always get a response in a specific format or initiate a defined action.

So API is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. We are using API’s in our everyday life like Facebook, Messaging in mobile apps etc. When you are using any mobile applications and makes any requests then this application interprets that data and presents you with the information you wanted in a readable way.

To be more precise, suppose a Car is Software component. Its API includes all info’s about what this car do like Accelerate,Brake,Throttle,Starting Radio/AC etc. The API doesn’t have to explain what happens inside the engine when you put your foot on the accelerator. So you just need to learn how to drive the car. You don’t have to learn Its internal functions. The what and how information come together in the API definition, which is abstract and separate from the car itself.

Some popular API examples are Google API, Facebook API, Twitter API, Java API etc.

Why API is popular in Real World Application

APIs are an important part of any development project. APIs are integral to running a data-driven business nowadays. API’s allows smoother business process integration across applications in conjunction with other types of B2B technology. API’s are can improve in speed, agility, consistency, and accuracy, companies continue to recognize the potential of extending and integrating application data flows.

There are several reasons why API can be used in any real world application because,

  • You have real time data
  • Increase revenue
  • Developer Experience & Empowerment
  • Users Expect Real-Time Experiences
  • Extend customer reach and value
  • Support sales and marketing activities
  • Stimulate business and technical innovation
  • Ease integration of data and applications

API’s can pull real-time, relevant data to your site on related topics you know your customers could likely look for elsewhere. This creates a loyalty to your site and removes the need for copious research on the part of the user.


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