Why do you need your own profile website besides Facebook?

Posted on May 26, 2017 by Aniruddhya Hazra

Few know that 80% of job openings are not advertised. That means you miss 80% of job opportunities though you had that very potentiality needed for the same.Your Facebook profile is not enough to avail of the opportunity. Had you had a website of your own you might have placed in a much better position. Be it a writer or a technician or freelancer or anyone else, every job seeker needs a personal website.

There are a number of benefits to creating your own site:

  1. A personal website builds your credibility as an expert on the concerned topic.
  2. A personal website will make you available to all and sundry who ever google on you.
  3. You’ll have greater control over what people find online when they do a google search on you.
  4. You’ll get to showcase your capabilities and achievements without the space restrictions of a one- or two-page resume.
  5. Because a website is dynamic and interactive — with room for photos, videos and PDF downloads — you can make your story come alive in a way that’s impossible on paper.
  6. It’s a great way to prove you’re comfortable with technology, an especially important consideration for anyone.
  7. It can demonstrate your passion to potential employers and clients
  8. You Can launch a business
  9. Your website runs 24/7 without any supervision or need to lock it up. You can always be there for your customers.
  10. By including a FAQ page, adding articles or uploading newsletters you can update customers on offers, products, promotions, events, photos, or any other content.
  11. You can promote your business products or services cheaply by using some free website provider you don’t have to pay a penny
  12. You can make a small business appear much bigger
  13. It is an effective way to become more knowledgeable

More than 2.4 billion people use the internet every day. So by not having a website, you will be missing out on a big piece of the pie. Please don’t worry that creating a website is a task that only a techie can master.

Thanks to the proliferation of easy-to-use Web-based tools and publishing platforms, many of which are free, there’s never been a better time to build your own site. Know more….



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