Why does a doctor need a website?

Posted on May 6, 2017 by Aniruddhya Hazra

A study reveals that in India the density of all doctors- allopathic, ayurvedic, homoeopathic and unani at the national level was 80 doctors per Lakh population compared to 130 in China. Many patients are forced to consult a quackery doctor, since only 18.8% of rural allopathic doctors have medical qualification.

Ignoring those who don’t have a medical qualification, the number for India fell to 36 doctors per lakh population.. This simply means each qualified doctor is to attend 2,778 patients. It is next to impossible. But a new trend shows that people tend to go online searching for a doctor before making an appointment. The importance of a doctor website is thus getting popular day by day. A medical practice website is a powerful tool–it allows doctors to attract new patients, educate patients, and increase office efficiency. webq.co.in provides a Full-Service Plan to help doctors realize the full benefits of their websites.

A physician website improves office efficiency by providing general information and answers to routine questions.

  • Staff biographies and credentials
  • Office hours
  • Maps with directions to office locations
  • Printable patient forms
  • Links to insurance providers
  • Information about what patients should bring on their first visit
  • List of services and areas of specialization


Report says in India total No of internet penetration is likely to cross 450 million by this June. In urban India, the Internet user base grew by 7% to 263 million for year-on-year period ended October 2016, which is expected to be 275-285 million by June 2017. For the same annual period ending October 2016, rural India’s Internet user base grew by 22% between to 157 million and is forecast to reach 170-180 million by June 2017.  The same firm had published a report last year, claiming that India had surpassed the US to become the second largest smartphone market in the world.

In India the need of online doctors websites are getting increased day by day. A website will help you reach crores of patients. India has really a booming prospect of online medical services.



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